Step 4 - Contact Mammoth for Pricing and Availability

Download the Mammoth Master Rental Agreement which includes the rental terms and conditions for all rental contracts. This will expedite all future rentals and allow you to get equipment immediately without waiting for paperwork!

Step 3 - Certificate of Insurance Information

How to Rent Equipment from Mammoth?

Step 2 - Master Rental Contract

Step 5 - Get equipment immediately!!!

Download the Credit Application by clicking the link below. This sets you up as a Mammoth customer. After reviewing the application, Mammoth will inform you of your approved payment terms. Email the credit application to or fax to 801-325-3447.

Mammoth requires a damage waiver or certificate of insurance on all its equipment prior to rental. Mammoth provides two options for its customers.

Option 1 - Damage Waiver

As an added service, Mammoth offers a damage waiver which protects you from accidental damage to the equipment while in your possession and control. A fee of 19% of the gross rental charge will be applied to your rental. You must still take reasonable precautions to protect the equipment and not intentionally damage the equipment. In the event of a a loss or damages, you will be responsible for paying the $5,000 deductable.

Option 2 - Certificate of Insurance

Your can have your insurance agent provide a Certificate of Insurance  that shows Mammoth Machinery as co-insured and provides the following coverage:

  • Commercial General Liability Coverage with limits no less than $1,000,000 for each occurrence and $2,000,000 annual aggregate: Mammoth Machinery LLC listed as Additional Insured.

  • Physical Damage Insurance equal to the full replacement value of the equipment, and at a minimum, $250,000; All-Risk form: Deductible no greater than $5,000. Certificate should indicate coverage for rented or leased equipment or specifically describe the piece of equipment being rented; Mammoth Machinery LLC as loss payee and additional insured. ​

Your agent must sign the Certificate of Liability for it to be valid. Please have your agent fax the signed certificate to 801-295-3447 or email to

Step 1 - Credit Application​

Step 1 - Complete a credit application

Step 2 - Complete the Master Rental Agreement

Step 3 - Provide us with a Certificate of Insurance or we can provide a Damage Waiver (see Option 1)

Step 4 - Contact us for pricing and availability

Step 5 - We deliver equipment to you or you can pick it up!

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